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The Real Soo Catwoman


Judy was passed off as Soo Catwoman in the film ‘The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle’ in 1980, somehow over the years and until this day there are people believing it is Soo Catwoman. It’s a tragic mistake to make especially when Soo was portreyed in the film in such a degraded and humiliated condition and the thought that the actress was allegedly only 14 years old when the film was made is awful.

If you look at Judy’s facial features you will notice that her bone structure and hairline are completely different to those of Catwoman, not to mention this interpretation of her haircut and make up was basic and poor and her signature skull earring on a chain is hanging from the wrong ear, what were they thinking?

In the summer of 1976 Soo asked a barber in Ealing (West London) to shave off the middle of her hair. For Malcolm to imply in this film that Helen cut her hair on his direction is somewhat laughable, yet no more ridiculous than the rest of the ‘facts’ in the film. Does it not even raise a few eyebrows that John doesn’t appear in it anywhere? There’s also the small matter of the buxom form of Soo Catwoman, with style and grace and the body of a woman, she was Soo Catwoman, not Soo Catchild. The actress in the film clearly has the appearance of a child approaching puberty. I think it’s pretty obvious that Judy is not Soo Catwoman but some still seem to believe this attempt at her likeness was her.

Soo doesn’t have a problem with Judy over any of this, in fact she is more concerned that, Judy being underage at the time was used and/or possibly even abused.

When the video version of the film was released underwear had to be digitally added, which suggests that perhaps even then, in 1980 it wasn’t okay to film a minor naked. Being a mother herself Soo can’t understand why anyone would manipulate a young person in such a way, let alone to do her the injustice of doing so in her name and trying to pass them off as her.

If you are someone who thinks the film was ‘cool’ then one can only hope you don’t have daughters, or that you watch it merely for the Sid clips. Considering Soo was 22 in 1976, it is a mystery as to why a 14 year old was asked to play her. Soo Catwoman has never been photographed naked, which means that the portrayal had nothing to do with her, or reality at all.

This film has caused myself and my family a lot of grief over the years. being mistaken for a moldable child who was used/abused has done nothing for Soo, So if you write a blog and mention her, please check that you are using the correct image and that it is actually of Soo Catwoman and not Judy masquerading as her in the Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle. I’ve cropped the above image of Judy in order to post it as I don’t wish to circulate the full shot and I would suggest that if you come across the full shot anywhere that you report it as inappropriate. You may be doing Judy a big favour if she’s still out there.

While we’re on this subject, a friend of a friend bought a Jamie Reid poster for him costing a cool £900. It was advertised as an art print of a photograph of ‘Soo Catwoman’. When he recieved it though, it was actually a photo of Judy’s face, so perhaps Jamie didn’t even know who Soo was? Who knows. The friend sent it to us after we offered to deface it for him and now it’s done he tells us he feels much better about framing and displaying it. Here it is:
The great Rock 'n' roll swindle poster jamie reid



– Dion