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Spot The Difference!

This is a picture of me taken in 1976 by Ray Stevenson ————–>

<—This is a picture of Judy Croll (according to IMDB’s information on the movie ‘The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle’). My image was stolen in order to pass Judy off as me in that film.

Why is it that *some* people still think this was me?  I know many of you reading this probably don’t but there are those out there who still do.  Shem tells me that he’s noticed that people often post this girl’s naked pic on their blogs, stating that it’s me – IT’S NOT ME!!

I may have sneered now and then, but poor Judy looks downright humiliated! Why would anyone want to perpetuate that agony by reposting this pic? Being filmed naked at the impressionable age of 14 may well be something she might not now be so proud of, assuming she’s still around, and even if not I hope she has more than this to be remembered for.

If you look at Judy’s facial features you will see that her bone structure is completely different to mine, as is the shape of her face.  The make up itself is a pretty shoddy attempt too, then when you check the hair, not only is the hairline completely different but this version of my haircut is really pretty crappy. Judy’s forehead is much more square than my own and her face is much thinner. You also may have noticed in close up pictures that I have a scar on my forehead, which can confirm which pictures are of me. I’m sure you all know that I got a barber to shave the middle of my hair off at his shop in Ealing, West London, so the film implying that my hairdo was all Malcolm’s idea and cut by Helen is ridiculous. Even Judy’s flat chest should have given it away and I’m not sure how I can be confused with someone with no chest at all. Of course at 14, some people don’t yet have a chest to boast about and my beef is not with Judy in any of this, I think she was used. I don’t understand why a 14 year old was put in that position in the first place though, or why she seems to be covered in bruises! These days such things would be considered child porn, which may have had something to do with the digital addition of underwear on the video release.

As a mother myself I can’t understand how anyone would want to manipulate a minor in this way, let alone do so in my name! So if you think that movie was ‘cool’ and see nothing wrong with it then I sincerely hope you don’t have daughters, or that you watch it just for the Sid clips. I have never been able to work out why a 14 year old child was chosen to play me in the first place, since I was 22 years old in 1976. More to the point is the fact that I have never been photographed naked, which means that the portrayal had nothing to do with me (or reality) AT ALL, even though my image was stolen and sold down the river (once again with no financial gain for me whatsoever) we were both used.

I don’t think I’m a prude and if you just happen to feel great about being photographed nude (and you are not underage) then that’s fine with me, but for me to be portrayed in this way as someone I’m not has caused me and my family a lot of grief. It’s also been pretty annoying all these years for my kids. Their schoolfriends used to find that photograph attached to my name and if it was embarrassing to me, it was more embarrassing to them to have to explain it. Who’d choose to be mistaken for a mouldable child who was used (and possibly abused) for the titilation of grown men who were old enough to know better? Not me. It might be something that would make some people happy in their search for 15 minutes’ fame – for me it’s a huge insult.

So if you write a blog and mention me in it, please check that any pictures you include are actually of me. I’ve noticed that many people also don’t bother to include the name of the photographer and it’s just common courtesy to do so, if nothing else. Most of them were taken by either Ray Stevenson or Bob Gruen. If in your blog you discuss the film ‘The Great Rock N Roll Swindle’ then it had nothing to do with me (or reality) and the only way any mention of me would belong there at all is if you wanted to point to this blog to help me get the word out.

I do wonder where Judy’s mum was in all this?  You’d think she must’ve been aware at some point what her daughter was up to? I know I would never have let Dion do anything like this at such a tender age. If she decided to do it now at 23 (25 now!) of course she’d have my full support and that would be her own choice because she’s an adult and can make her own decisions.

I’ve had to crop the above image of Judy in order to post it since I don’t want to circulate the full shot, but if you should come across the naked picture of Judy anywhere attached to my name or not, please do me a favour and report it as inappropriate. Perhaps if it’s claiming she’s me you could point out to the poster that they have it wrong – I’d be grateful. I like to think she would be too. I’m sure if Judy’s out there somewhere that she may not want to be reminded of this unfortunate time in her life, she could even be a mother herself by now.

While we’re on this subject, a friend of a friend bought a Jamie Reid poster for him costing a cool £900 on Ebay. It was advertised as an art print of a photograph of ‘Soo Catwoman’. When he recieved it though, it was actually a photo of Judy’s face, so perhaps Jamie didn’t even know who I was? The friend sent it to Dion and myself after we offered to deface it for him and he now feels much better about framing and displaying it. Here it is:

  martin's judy poster

Ah that’s better ^ this is the REAL Soo Catwoman ;)

-Soo :x)

PS: punk webmasters, please sort your tags out. Debbie Juvenile and her bondage pics have nothing to do with me either, why is my name on them?

(Note: The name of the actress mentioned in this blog is taken from the IMDB database and is not something I feel any need to discuss further,  beyond what is already here written on the subject. Comments are now closed. Thank you.)